Common-Law Partners

Common-law relationships are more prevalent in Quebec than in the rest of the country. 35% of Quebeckers choose common-law relationships versus 13 % of Canadians.

65 % of all children born in Québec are born to parents not legally married.

Couples living together in a common-law relationship do not have the same legal rights or protection as married couples no matter how long they live together.

Québec is the only province that has no law allowing one partner to ask for support payments from the other partner in case of a break up.

You can learn more about common-law relationships on It is a very elaborate web site that walks you through the facts, dispels the myths and helps you make the decisions necessary to protect yourself and your rights should a break-up occur. The site is in French for the time being – but if you write me with your specific questions I would be very happy to give you more information.