If you are caught up in a dispute with your ex-partner and want to resolve issues, conciliation is your best option.

Children suffer when their parents separate.  They often find it difficult to adapt to two homes, the change in routine may disrupt their sense of stability and they miss their parents.   And while all these changes are painful, the long-term psychological and emotional damage comes not from change in routine but from the CONFLICT children witness between their parents.   IF YOU RESOLVE THE CONFLICT with your ex-partner, YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE ABLE TO ADAPT to their new reality with less stress and anxiety. That is why it is so important to resolve your issues with your ex-partner.


Conciliation is NOT mediation: 
A mediator works alone with the two parties, without their attorneys, in order to arrive at a compromise, but a mediator does not give legal advice.

Conciliation is NOT arbitration: 
An arbitrator makes a decision after having heard the parties, much like a judge.

Conciliation is the process of SETTLING DISPUTES IN A FRIENDLY MANNER OUTSIDE OF THE COURT SYSTEM. It means bringing two opposing sides together, with their attorneys, to REACH A COMPROMISE in an attempt to avoid taking a case to trial.

My services involve working with you and your attorneys in order to RESOLVE the OUTSTANDING ISSUES between you and your ex-partner.

I offer you my numerous years of experience as a family law attorney who knows the legal system inside and out in order to HELP YOU AVOID LITIGATION. The court system is complicated, slow, expensive, and you end up giving a third party the right to decide on your life. The judicial system has unfortunately little time to listen to your worries, and the court makes a decision based on the evidence, which involves you testifying and being cross-examined. However, conciliation is a process whereby YOUR NEEDS and YOUR CONCERNS are TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION. You are no longer a simple bystander with no control over the process – instead, you participate as an active party attempting to resolve issues and WORKING TOWARDS SOLUTIONS.

This is done in a NON-CONFRONTATIONAL SETTING and we spend the time required to come to a resolution. We all set the agenda together. I meet with you alone, with your attorney, and we also meet together, as need may be. The payment of my fees is discussed with your attorneys prior to our first meeting and I will forward you a document which stipulates our agreement.


All of our meetings are CONFIDENTIAL. That means that you cannot use any information obtained during our meetings in court, nor can you compel me to testify. You can therefore participate freely, without concerns that what you say or propose will be used in court.


Conciliation can assure knowledge of the outcome, peace of mind, and resolution. You can MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE and your children will benefit from having two parents who have resolved their outstanding issues.